Friday, April 24, 2015

AMKA/ PMKA Philippines

The AMKA  was established in the Philippines in 2010 by the acceptance of the  Aquinas University Kuntaw Club. They had been expelled from the  International Kuntaw Federation with no  explanation after an attempt was made to unify all of the Bicol Kuntaw Chapters.  I had brought down from manila GM Frank Aycocho to unite his group and the Aquinas group for support. When that failed, I offered my hand and support for the group.  Since that time I have  directed many Kuntaw  members from all over to contact  that group for admittance into the AMKA Philippines. Due to political and personal reasons, those people were turned away.

 I received word recently that  representatives of the IKF and Kuntaw ng Pilipinas have contacted members in Bicol to re unite under a new banner. Although  i support this idea, I find myself wondering what will be the  structure. Previous incarnations of the IKF and KNP has not been for the advantage of the various clubs but more for the  benefit of the IKF. Steps have already been taken byt he AMKA Philippines to establish the PMKA organization with  sec numbers and a charter/constitution/ By laws so that all Kuntawistas , regardless of their syle, uniform, or  affiliations are welcome.

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