Monday, November 19, 2012

Maharlika Kuntaw Seminar Grand Rapids


 Nov 10th, 2012
Innovative Martial Arts sponsored a Maharlika Kuntaw Seminar to cover basic stick work,  stick  drills, disarms, and knife drills.
 Maha Guro Brian "Buzz" Smith was the  Seminar instructor and Lakan Guro Paul  Vittorelli from the American Maharlika Kuntaw Association was his assistant. People from all over the  Michigan area came and shared the  comradery and the   open house attitude that makes the seminars at Innovative Martial Arts club such a joy  to attend. Ranks were left at the door and an informal but concise menu of  skills were passed on. Guro Chuck Pippin and Guro Don Young hosted the event and filled the hall with novice and advanced students of TKD, FMA, Indonesian and Chinese practitioners.  Sticks and bodies were flying everywhere from 11 am til almost 4 pm.

 Guro Chuck and Guro Don were given  certificates of recognition for their 5th degree status. They have been sponsoring seminars and workshops for the past 11 years and have opened their door to many to camp out or crash inside the club for these get togethers. The Yearly  Gathering of the Tribes has been attended by people from Washington State, California, Utah, Iowa, Michigan,and many other states and from many  different  members of different styles and systems. This last seminar was the final  for this club location as it is closing and moving to a new location.

Maha Guro Smith has been a constant supporter of these  seminars and always ready to share his knowledge of Filipino martial arts and Filipino culture.

"I met Brian "Buzz" Smith (2005) about  7 or  8 years ago when he attended one of our Semi Annual Gathering of the Tribes events.  He was friendly, outgoing, down to earth, approachable, and an incredibly able Martial Artist.  What struck me the most was how willing he was to share his knowledge and experience."

“Soon after meeting him, I asked him if he would consider being a regular part of our event, to which he said he would be happy to participate.”  That was almost 8 years ago.  Now, I am continuously asked if Buzz will be there and 'what do think he'll show us this time?!  'by our participants prior to the event."

"Rarely have I found a teacher who can bridge the many different families of martial arts out there and show students the common thread/concept/principle as well as Guru Buzz.  I have taken more away from an hour with Buzz than in months of classes from some of my previous teachers.  I eagerly look forward to anytime I can visit or work out with this quiet, unassuming, martial arts treasure."

Charles Pippin, 5th Dan
Co-Founder of San Yun Do
Co-Founder of Innovative Martial Arts
 Co-Founder of "The Gathering Of The Tribes"

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Bais Tres Manos Maryland
GM Bais, who was also with Kuntaw from the beginning  and who  was the one who established Kuntaw in the Middle East, will continue to promote Kuntaw/Kuntao with his Bais Tres Manos organization.


kuntaw Legacy
GM Bud Cothern has been one of the major supporters of Kuntaw for the past 40 years.  He has established his own organization to propagate the art of Kuntaw as it was. His reputation as a consummate practitioner cannot be tarnished. Many who have met the man are impressed by his knowledge and his skills. Those of you who respect this man  and want to continue to  spread the art with  integrity, contact him. Through him the art will not be lost in politics and diluted knowledge. Many  know him as the  true carrier of the art.

AMKA - Philippines

The AMKA was established in the US in 1974, now, it has returned to the Philippines.  The first AMKA Chapter was established in  August of 2010. The  Directorship of the Philippines was granted to Lakan Guro Michael Tuscano. He is tasked with organizing a workable Kuntaw organization to foster  the spread of Kuntaw.

Any Kuntaw group who wishes to belong to the AMKA can contact Lakan Guro Michael and apply for membership. Let us move forward.

Gathering of the Tribes- Philippine Edition 2

This was the second  Gathering of the Tribes held in Legaspi Philippines at the Aquinas University. Lakan Guro Michael Tuscano  spread the word and  had many attend this event.  We went thru many different techniques, principles, concepts, and many many laughs. Martial arts can be and should be fun. Members from several different clubs as well as local law enforcement  personnel participated and shared  a day full of comradery.

Sikaran representatives from  the World Sikaran Arnis Brotherhood  from Baras also made the journey to share their art. Alex Bartolata and his wife  Erlina were there and provided a demo of Sikaran.
Tho many hit the mats or were put into compromising positions- we all had fun.  Until we meet again brothers- Maraming salamat po for the brotherhood we shared

Kuntaw in the Movies

Maha Guro Buzz  was asked to be the lead actor in a  proof of concept  film  about civilization after  a devastating calamity that destroyed many of  the infrastructure.  The film was shot in Downtown Detroit  and has been edited for content.  Buzz also did the fight choreography. Take a look-----

Thursday, March 29, 2012

AMKA Roster

001 Rick Bartlett- 3rd Degree Black Belt- Gaylord Chapter
003 Steve Elmhirst- 1st  Degree Black Belt Wolverine Chapter
008 Ron Hardin- 3rd  Degree Black Belt
013 Brian Soloman    1 st degree Black Belt
014 Paul  Vittorelli- 4th Degree Black Belt
007 Gaylene Cole- 1st Degree Black Belt- Suttons Bay Chapter
005 Eric Drake- 1st Degree Black Belt- Escanaba Chapter
006 Pat Robertson- 1st Degree Black Belt- Utah Chapter
012 Matt Lamphere- 1st Degree Black Belt
010 Matt McWatters- 1st Degree Black Belt
011 Brian Henry-1st Degree Black Belt
002 Alan Bartlett- 1st Degree Black Belt- Detroit Chapter
004 Pete Funk  1st Degree Black Belt—Grayling Chapter
015 Kieth Hess 1st Degree Black Belt---- Lena Illinois Chapter
016 Aaron Smith  1st Degree Black Belt --- Warren Illinois Chapter
017 Anthony Sell 1st Degree Black Belt --- Milwaukee Wisconsin Chapter
009 Mike Stivani 2nd Degree Black Belt
C01 Keith Wetoskey – Waterloo Indiana Chapter
C02 Ivan Bergeron---- Elliott Lake Ontario Chapter
C03 John Reid--- Soo Canada Chapter
C04 Sylvie Roberge---- Elliot Lake Ontario Chapter
C05 Rob Doiron- Soo Canada Chapter

Bill Bednarick
Mike Seuschek
Linda Seuschek
Seth Brown
Robert Pray
Cheryl Goerhke
Bruce Large
Joe Myers
Mike Carey

Paul Lau
Ray Hartley
Ron Alexander
Randy Pyle
Morgan Davis
Nate Bynum
Stephan Dix
Dale Sawalich
Nathan Strehl
Ross Saffranof
Aaron Staufer
Patrick Mead
William Bertagnoli
Brad Curtis
Dave Lampra
Tim Johnson
Travis Vance
Dave Sheppe
Tonya Bednarick
Kevin  Jones

Ken Wheeler
Mark Wertz--- Detroit Chapter
Keith Smith
Keith Hoffman
Debby Manchaka
Kevin James
Don Schlehuber
Tom Schlehuber
Mark Walsh
Tom Spencer
Jack Clemente
Jack Gatewood
Jeff Morgan

Maryjo Green -Yellow 2nd
Andrew Nugent- Yellow 2nd
Adam Gates -Yellow 2nd
Anton Buntic yellow 2nd
Scott Bogoski -Yellow 2nd
James Schneider
Scott Stinnertt
Aaron Heuser
Dave Smalley
Robert Rollinski
An Pham
Abby Gatewood
Bill Walters
Helmut Schaefer
Steve Johnson
Charles Myers
Rocky Summers
Brian Majerczyk
Chris Martin
Marc Mouradian
Richard Arnold
Jim Soloman
Kevin Munchel
Mike Iler
Elizabeth VanHouwoenlingen
Albert Lannin
Mandy Williams
Rod Prance
Larry Cardinal
Patrick O’Rourke
Aaron Heine
Patrick Duke
Amy Green
Jason Lindberg
Paul Juaquin
Josh Beechraft
Yvonne Bugai
Todd rogers
Rhonda Hughes
Angelee Musser
Chris Suski
Dennis Powell Yellow2nd
Nathan Goerhke Yellow 2nd
Tommy Gowen
Lee Galison
Adam James
Alden Schaub
Rachel Howell
Joshua  Hickox
Andrew Bellanger
Eric Peterson
Sarah Manthei
Paul Hastings
Nigel Marks
Jonah Foote
Martin Foote
Marcus Monte
Thor Constantine
Tonya Bednarick
Shann Vanderleek
Ross Winkler
 Stacy Sheren
Tony Peltier
Gary Cuddington
Paula Bennett
David Risselada
Rachel Howell
David Arroyo
Jake Siladke
James Coughlin
Chris Coughlin
Richard Weishar
Bruce Hayes
Ben Foreman
Russ Ryba
Penny Nelson
Greg Balloid
Ryan Brodbent
Jason Myers
Thomas Ross
Paul Hastings
Ginny Lau
Andrew Tomlinson
Deborah Kalchek
Joshua Brown
Jeremy Champt
Tim Lau
 Rachel Sabourin
Jeremy Paupere
Chris Smith
Phillip Moore
Colleen Haveman
Tyson Herberger
Brandy Beeler
Brian Rilko
Aliana Page
Kyle Egelski
Heather Flannery
Elizabeth Schlitt
 Jason Smith

 Richard Arntson
Ryan Cole
Adam Boyd
Jason Stringham
Pepper Bell
Kyle Hatfield
Joe Dezelski
Samantha Allard
Brandon Chounard
Ross Winkler
Marcel Mikulec
Lonnie Haines
Leif Blade
Amanda Hayes
Mark Sedgewick
Matt Mankowski
 Ben Schmerl
Jessica Flye
Martin Gallup
Devin O’Mera
Ryan Thornbury
Stephanie Walker
Thomas Ross
Dan Jerwey
Karen Moses
Matt Gleason
David Towne
Ryan Wyckoff
Tammie Watt
Marc Hunt
Chris Martin
Jon Acker
Leslie Demars
Tobin Johnson
Brian Flohe
Jennifer Johnson
Branden Bearenger
Darci Schlitt
John Janiszewski
Michael Dunham
Thomas Deel
Mike Wright
Barak Schmidt
Brian Boucher
Melissa Mannic
Jereme Sayre
Sauana Dey
Edwin Haswell
Kevin Rikli
Lucas Steinmacher
Levi Meevenburg
Kevin Hoover
Shanna Holmes
Brandon Morey
Tim Manor
Thao Moran
Don Ogle
Ken Zack
Andrew Webber
Dwight Tinker
Mary Haughn
Robyn Epps
Rodney Price
Richard Wunch
Christi Logan
Scott LaBonte
Bernadette Lynch
Stephanie Basch
Zachery Cox
Richard Wilshar
Erik Holsington
Jason Noonan
Jeremy Sayre
Jason Simpkins
Ryan Kline
Tanya Sumner
Kathy Harris
Dennis Kentfield
Kerry Duran
Peggy Handrich
Benjamin Foreman
Chris Kogelman
Marc Mouridian
Matt Moffet
Jeanette sands
Aaron Wilson
Marcus Montie
Mathew curtin
Jessica Vasquez
Christina Grogan
Mike Mc Cloud
Chis Dingman
Todd Rogers
 John Maher
Frank Dezelski
 Jamie berry
 Beth Dewitt
 Mike Miles
Areta McCabe
Nick Palfrey
Brent Hudson
Jonathon Reder
Chad Smith
Cal Steinworth
Daniel Huey
David Lavalley
Paul Snyder
Lisa Schwartz
Jennifer Lau
Michelle Roundtree
Douglas Brothers
Andrue Nelson
Todd Pickett
Kevin Haugh
David Donovan
Alex Donovan
Donald  McLearn
Nate Kujawski
Thomas Nelson
Cal Steinforth
Cheryl Loher
Ted Mac Manus
Paul Delavadova
 Kali Malofy
Robert Donnelman
Christian Colombi
David Siladke
Richard Bedore
Kim Noeski
Dan Noeski  

Warren Illinois Group
Aaron Smith-1st Degree Black Belt
Kieth Hess-1st Degree Black Belt

Beloit Wisconsin Group
Pete Hetrick- Associate Instructor

Milwaukee Wisconsin Group
Anthony Sell- Associate Instructor

Elliot Lake Ontario Group
Ivan Bergeron-1st Degree Black Belt Kuntaw/8th Degree Black Belt Hapkido
Sylvie Roberge-1st Degree Black Belt Kuntaw/   2nd Degree Hapkido

Saulte Saint Marie Ontario Group
John Reid 1st Degree Black Belt Kuntaw/ 6th Degree Black Belt Hapkido
Rob Doiron 5th Degree Black belt Hap Ki Do Associate Instructor
Sheffield England Group
Greg Brookes- Associate Instructor

Poland Group
Pete Olkaradwich- Associate Instructor (deceased 3/14/2004)

South Korean Group
Hong Yun Kim- Associate Instructor –

Bulgarian Group
Nikolay Todorov- Associate Instructor

Kapatiran Suntukan Martial Arts- Jay Cristensen
Bugtongan  Arnis Kali Association- NMC College
American Karate Association - John Sharky
Philippine Martial Arts Society - GM Rene Latosa
Filipino Martial Arts Club- Canada, John Maidment
World Serrada Escrima Federation- Michael Schwarz
International Kuntaw Federation-Left the organization Sept 24,2011
League of Non Aleigned Martial Artists- Chuck Pippin
National Arnis Association- Narausa- GM Leo Gaje
Filipino Martial Arts Association- Canada- Ron Prichart
Yodansha Kobu Jitsu Karate Federation- Canada- Ron Yamanaka
Kuntao International Foundation- Hassan Ada

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Sinking Ship

Let's look at the IKF as though it is a ship.  For the past 20 years it has wandered the seas not really going anywhere. Then the Captain asks for help in setting a course. All the ships officers who have kept the ship running are called together to make a plan. After all their inputs the ships captain says MUTINY! You  know nothing of running a ship- I am the captain!  The officers get into a life boat and leave the ship. The Captain immediately runs the ship into  a rock and the ship starts sinking. What is there to do?

1. Repaint the ship and  add new stripes to the sides?
2. Make the  stewards all officers and get them to get the sinking ship off the rock?
3. Or drop the life boats and try to rescue as many people onboard as possible?

The ship is not repairable. The Captain has lost all credibility. The crew do not trust him anymore.

The Officers will not return to duty, but they return to the ship to rescue those who do not want to be on the sinking ship. Who is to blame? It does not matter- the ship is sinking and the main thing to do at this moment is to get everyone to a safe  harbor. Then plans can be made for a new ship and a course set.

This is my take on the situation.  To me it does not matter what forms you do, how you wear your patch, or what terms you  use.  You were all on that ship and you all are Kuntaw. Let's plot a new course and not make the same mistakes this time.

Global Kuntaw Legacy

Since the meeting in September of the  International Kuntaw Federation, many  top ranked people have decided to walk away from the organization. There are many reasons for this. They have chosen to establish their own paths and continue spreading the art under their own banner.

 For this I am thankful that the art will go on.

GM Bud Cothern , who has been with the Kuntaw organization almost since it's conception, has established the Global Kuntaw Legacy and will continue to be the master of the  original Kuntaw forms.

( this was the proposed emblem for the  Legacy Organization, but due to the fact that GGM does not want to let anyone use the WM eblem without being with the IKF it has been scrapped.
GM Bais, who was also with Kuntaw from the beginning  and who  was the one who established Kuntaw in the Middle East, will continue to promote Kuntaw/Kuntao with his Bais Tres Manos organization.

Updates on these organizations will be forthcoming.