Tuesday, February 12, 2013

AMKA Philippines

Since its inception in August of 2010 the AMKA  Philippines has been expanding  and growing. Representatives from  many old Kuntaw clubs have joined forces to  promote the Kuntaw art.

Legaspi Port Chapter- Guro Jonny Rangel
Aquinas University Chapter-Guro Alvin Salazar
Tabaco Chapter- Guro Dante Perfecto
Santo Domingo Chapter- Guro Dodong Capistrano
Puro Chapter- Guro Berto Ala
Anislag Chapter- Guro Vincent Arias
Pampanga Chapter- Guro  Allan Mark Santos
Angeles City Chapter- Brod  Nikko Batan
Guinobatan Chapter- Guro Harvey Acabado
Camalig Chapter
 and most recently  an appkication from Mindanao has been requested and is being investigated.

 Kuntaw is now taught in several public schools and Universities all under the banner of the AMKA

 You will know these  chapters by their uniform- black top with red stripes  and red pants.

 Mabuhay my   friends may the  Kapatiran grow and prosper.
 Guro Brian Smith