Monday, October 10, 2011

Aquinas Kuntaw

All AQUINAS KUNTAW-REPELON, please get your patches to your President, Kyud Alvin starting today. And please be inform (new members) that on Saturday all must be in proper uniform (white (kimono) & red (pants) ) with seal/patches of kuntaw and arnis repelon. Again our policy is “NO UNIFORM NO ENTRY” on saturday.

All KUNTAW ALUMNI (Instructors/ Blackbelts/ members) of Legaspi City/Port Chapter; Bonot Chapter; Ibalon Chapter; Aquinas Chapter; Bogtong Chapter/ Anislag Chapter/ Padang Chapter; Sto. Domingo Chapter and Sorsogon City Chapter (Pilar I & II). We will be having our general meeting on Saturday at Aquinas Gymnasium. The main agenda is the proposed Christmas Party & Kuntaw Alumni Homecoming. Thank you.