Saturday, February 19, 2011

2011 Gathering of the Tribes Grand Rapids

The Spring gathering of the tribes has been cancelled for Grand rapids.   Jay Carstensen has offered to hold it in Des Moines Iowa for those of you who  still wish to get together this year. Chuck and Jeanne are having  some difficulties and cannot  host it this year.  This event has been a mainstay of Filipino and Indonesian martial artists for ten years. It would be a shame to see it fold. Please give your support to this event and keep it going no matter if it is held in Iowa, Ohio, Michigan , or where ever.

 One common bond- Martial Arts         One Common Goal- Knowledge

Northwestern Michigan College Tournament

The NMC tournament has been cancelled for 2011. Scheduling conflicts have cause this event to  be cancelled. It is hoped that future events not be scheduled during the time frame that has been earmarked yearly for this event.