Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Status of Kuntaw

At this posting there are over 30  Kuntaw organizations  world wide. The main Kuntaw organizations are Legacy Kuntaw under GM Alice Kossmann, Bais Tres Manos under GM  Jon Bais, International Kuntaw Federation representing the USA under Cyrus Laguman  in Virginia Beach, Kuntaw Ng Pilipinas representing the Philippines under Jhunn Lanada,  PMKA representing the Philippines under Irvin Requintina, AMKA representing  the USA Under Guro Paul Vittorelli, Typhoon Kuntaw under  Maurice Gatdula, IMUA Kuntaw under Glenn Abrescy  , Kuntaw Kali Kruzadaunder GM Rich Acosta -Kuntaw Dumpag under Ron Kosakowski, Kalintaw under GM Galo D. Lalic , Mandirigma Kali Association representing Bicol Philippines- under GM Brian Smith a Kuntaw Legacy Philippines under Ariel Delgado. There are many more but these are the systems  generally referred to by  most martial artists. Kuntaw can be spelled Kuntao and  usually was referred to as the Philippine Kung Fu. It has been  claimed as the original style of Lapu Lapu the first Filipino hero. The true history has been lost to time but many unsubstantiated stories and claims abound. The Tausug tribe of the Southern Philippines has the most complete history of Kuntaw.

One of the largest organizations was the International Kuntaw Federation  under GGM Carlito Lanada but that organization fractured and  separated in 2011 . The Largest  standing organization from that split is the Bais Tres Manos group with over 3000 members worldwide. GGMLanada retired in 2015 and passed his heritage to both his daughter and then later to his estranged son.