Friday, June 3, 2011

FMA Brotherhood Midwest Gathering Seminar Group

The 1st annual FMA Brotherhood Midwest Gathering started off with a BANG. The Cadell Demo Team put on a clinic of rhythm, timing & precision with true style. Their firey performance got all participants excited & ready to begin the 2 day seminar immediately following the Demo Team's performance.
The first seminar was led by MyFMA.Net's own John Malmo. Mr. Malmo presented several presentations of systems within Kombatan. Mr. Malmo provided instruction in 2 stick systems & 2 empty hand systems/method of Kombatan.
Saturday afternoon the participants were presented with a seminar by Mr. Brian "Buzz" Smith on the methods of Maharlika Kuntaw. Mr. Smith began by presenting technique utilizing the method of the Filipino short staff. Mr. Smith was very estute in his descriptions & differences of the methods of fishermen, merchants & farmers. Mr. Smith went into some detail describing how each of these tradesmen became proficient in their methods & the differences of their hand positioning of each.
After a few thorough lessons on the short staff, Mr. Smith continued by educating us further in the empty hand translations of the same technique. Because the seminar participants were able to grasp the technique so well, Mr. Smith continued with joint manipulation and reversals  to finish the 1st day of seminars.
We closed for the day & then retired to my home for a great Midwest BBQ buffett. Fantastic stories were shared with memories & laughter to keep us reminiscent till next year.

Sunday began the 2nd day of the 2 day seminar. Mr. Wes Bennett presented fantastic technique from the Lucaylucay Kali system. Mr. Bennett was flawless with demonstration & explanation of the technique. Also to close Mr. Bennett presented unique technique, which he seldom shares in a seminar environment.
The afternoon session began with Mr. Chuck Cadell presenting a Classical Cabales Serrada Escrima presentation. Mr. Cadell worked technique with single stick, empty hand translations, empty hand with lock flow, then finished with lock & block/espada y daga. Mr. Cadell gave a excellent workshop o the Serrada Escrima System.
The finale was presented by Mr. Mike Casto. Mr. Casto provided a workshop in Silat. Mr. Casto presented empty hand technique progression of power & balance disruption.
The event was held to benefit "The Wounded Warrior Project". On behalf of the WSEF & all of the instructors, we thank all who participated & donated to the cause. A special thanks to Mr. David Daiber & KiDo Karat Inc. for providing the facility for the event.
We will begin making plans for the next event. Stay tuned, we will continue reaching for the best & brightest to present for future events. Thanks again everyone!!!