Monday, November 19, 2012

Maharlika Kuntaw Seminar Grand Rapids


 Nov 10th, 2012
Innovative Martial Arts sponsored a Maharlika Kuntaw Seminar to cover basic stick work,  stick  drills, disarms, and knife drills.
 Maha Guro Brian "Buzz" Smith was the  Seminar instructor and Lakan Guro Paul  Vittorelli from the American Maharlika Kuntaw Association was his assistant. People from all over the  Michigan area came and shared the  comradery and the   open house attitude that makes the seminars at Innovative Martial Arts club such a joy  to attend. Ranks were left at the door and an informal but concise menu of  skills were passed on. Guro Chuck Pippin and Guro Don Young hosted the event and filled the hall with novice and advanced students of TKD, FMA, Indonesian and Chinese practitioners.  Sticks and bodies were flying everywhere from 11 am til almost 4 pm.

 Guro Chuck and Guro Don were given  certificates of recognition for their 5th degree status. They have been sponsoring seminars and workshops for the past 11 years and have opened their door to many to camp out or crash inside the club for these get togethers. The Yearly  Gathering of the Tribes has been attended by people from Washington State, California, Utah, Iowa, Michigan,and many other states and from many  different  members of different styles and systems. This last seminar was the final  for this club location as it is closing and moving to a new location.

Maha Guro Smith has been a constant supporter of these  seminars and always ready to share his knowledge of Filipino martial arts and Filipino culture.

"I met Brian "Buzz" Smith (2005) about  7 or  8 years ago when he attended one of our Semi Annual Gathering of the Tribes events.  He was friendly, outgoing, down to earth, approachable, and an incredibly able Martial Artist.  What struck me the most was how willing he was to share his knowledge and experience."

“Soon after meeting him, I asked him if he would consider being a regular part of our event, to which he said he would be happy to participate.”  That was almost 8 years ago.  Now, I am continuously asked if Buzz will be there and 'what do think he'll show us this time?!  'by our participants prior to the event."

"Rarely have I found a teacher who can bridge the many different families of martial arts out there and show students the common thread/concept/principle as well as Guru Buzz.  I have taken more away from an hour with Buzz than in months of classes from some of my previous teachers.  I eagerly look forward to anytime I can visit or work out with this quiet, unassuming, martial arts treasure."

Charles Pippin, 5th Dan
Co-Founder of San Yun Do
Co-Founder of Innovative Martial Arts
 Co-Founder of "The Gathering Of The Tribes"

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